I AM therefore I think

I AM therefore I think April 8, 2013

Tonight the writer is sitting here, in the evening stillness.  Daughter asleep, mind still, breath close, and noise outside of fire trucks.  Resting in here, feet connected to the floor, and wavering energy passing through.  Noticing the “energy presence”. The presence of energy here, alive, as the cat brushes against the writers leg. The writer noticing that thinking is optional, no longer circular, no longer falling for the trap of cleverness, and manipulation in the mind, which always took the writer out of here.

“I AM, therefore I think”, simple.  Life simply here. No such thing as waiting for the future, or waiting on the past to change. There is no thought to justify the means to the end.  A vast space, infinite, alert, here, just noticing.  Clear mind. Just noticing. Just noticing the body now. Marveling at the body clothes, which seem to breath effortlessly with no thoughts, flowing breathe. With thoughts present, the breath stops, choking, imprisoned by the endless mind of non-sense.

Alert here, alive I AM.  This “I” choosing to think, thinking about itself, protecting its false ways, left brained, rational, linear, lacking creative insight.  Wonderful….

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