Translation of The Lords Prayer

Translation of The Lords Prayer April 10, 2013

Life is the evolution of Love’s decree. One the most famous of those decree’s is “The Lord Prayer”, here is my translation of it.

The Lords Prayer by David Matthew Brown

Our Father in Heaven,

Holy is your name,

The kingdom is done,

Your will is done,

Heaven and earth are one,

This day in heaven, align our hearts with wisdom, and love within,

As we walk together in heaven on earth, let us not judge ourselves,

Or each other, let us see only heaven.

We may be tempted today with images, words, darkness, here in heaven on earth.

Gently whisper to us in our breath, and bring us back into our hearts.

May we forgive always.

Heaven has been created, and heaven is here.

Holy, holy, holy we rest in the kingdom within.





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