Today I Forgive

Today I Forgive April 29, 2013

Today I forgive
By D Matthew Brown

Aware of the breath
Feeling the heart
As the breath was rising up
I felt the words formulate
From the Soul
As the breath and words
Moved past the heart
I felt a brief moment of butterflies
For years I held on to these words
To protect me
For false security
So I wouldn’t forget
Yet now
As the words come

“I forgive you”
My heart which had been so heavy
For so long
Like a fighter after 15 long rounds
Feels lighter
“Thank you for giving me this”
Relieved by my own honesty
Not a big moment
No angels singing
Just relief
Nothing to protect
Hold on too
My only job
Is to know love
And by knowing
To know all the boundaries around it
There is no moment of “I got it, I am done”
And thank goodness
Everyday offers the invitation
To love
Releasing the boundaries that block it
I don’t know that much
I can be very simple
And sometimes in a moment
Profound wisdom strikes
But that is from the heart
She (The Heart) is very smart
The more I forgive the more I realize
I don’t know
Thank goodness
I in joy just breathing
And allowing the breath to guide the word
The word is precious
It does matter
It does matter because each of us matters
You are here, and I am here
We exist, so we matter…

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