Dear Mom, Love Sun

Dear Mom, Love Sun May 9, 2013

Dear Mom,

I appreciate you! Thank you for teaching me that life is about following your heart, no matter what, that in following your heart, others may try to take you off your path, but I must not stray, and if I do, because we all do, that I ask God and the angels for advice on how to get back on track.  Thank you for teaching me that raising kids can be hard sometimes but loving them is easy, and picking them up and dusting them off, and sending them back in the world can be hard, but it is the right thing to do.

Thank you for teaching me to listen, to respect women, and honor them. Thank you for teaching me that speaking up in life, telling the truth and being honest can be really hard, and it can be, but it is just a lot easier. Thank you for teaching me to forgive, and that sometimes in life, it is best to walk away from a fight, but if I stay in the fight, know that there is consequences. Thank you for teaching me that people sometimes who are hurt, hurt others, but they don’t mean it, they just need some love.  Thank you for teaching me that we all make mistakes, all of us, but to keep making them, because it helps us grow.  That as a parent, we may think we have it together but we are learning too.

Thank you for teaching me that family is always around, and that they can be a little crazy, but that they love you, and that if the world gets to much, or over bearing, or you need a place to regroup, then you have a home to come home too.  Thank you for teaching me that above all else, LOVE RULES, love always wins! So you can never go wrong with loving, yes love grows and learns. Thank you for listening to me when I went through my divorce, and break ups, and job losses, and tough soccer games, life, and thank you for not judging me through it.  Thank you for telling me to talk to Grandma (Your Mom who passed away) when I needed help and guidance.

Thank you for reading my book,  this blog, listening to my talks, and supporting me when in fact I wondered if you might be the only one listening as I spoke from my heart, and asked myself, “Is anyone out there?”.  Thank you for encouraging me on speaking on the heart and the divine feminine and wanting to understand where in the world all my wisdom came from. Thank you for accepting that I have a deep unwavering faith in G-d, and that the times I felt like, “Is there a G-d?” you reminded me that there is a G-d.

Thank you for doing my make-up in 8th grade on my first stage show and being so proud of me as I grunted as lipstick was put on me. Thank you for just being there, no matter what, and enjoying the ride. I appreciate you and thank you so much. I love you and I am very proud that somewhere before we got her, we made a contract together.  Have a beautiful Mothers Day! Keep Shining!

Love you,

Your Sun xoxo

And Harps

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