Rocky 2 WIN ROCK WIN! May 8, 2013

Lately I have been standing in my heart with lots of faith and writing and editing my second book. I found myself drawn back to one of my favorite movie moments in Rocky 2. Rocky’s wife Adrien has entered coma.  Rocky stops training to be with his wife.  Mick his trainer final succumbs and waits it out. As the fight is getting closer, Rocky needs to train, but his wife still hasn’t awoken.  A miracle happens when Adrien wakes up and tells Rocky to win.

It is inspiring.  I bring this up, because there will come a moment when the fire catches your heart, and your mind stills, and the heart says, “Come here, come here, listen I know you have taken some hits, but I want you to win, just win”. The winning in the heart is love.  Go out there and love with an open heart. Go out there with confidence and inspire the world. So I hope this inspires you!


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