I Am In Love With You

I Am In Love With You May 13, 2013

“We can speak all day on discovering your love, discovering God, discovering God is love, or you as love, or all the rest of it….but to give yourself over to your light, even when everything inside of you is telling you “NO!!”.  When everyone around you is thinking and thinking they are protecting you from life.  To leave everything that you have learned, knowing that when you mention it, the gates of life blast open, and yes you may be hurt again, or in pain, or lost, or confused, or you may be uplifted, inspired, stunned, or whatever…but if you were to look at yourself  on your death bed…with family around, who in their sorrow for you leaving this planet….look down on you with tears in their eyes…could you honestly say to them that you loved and you loved with everything you had…that you knew by being so open that people would turn on you…and in knowing that…you loved anyway…you knew through every experience you have ever had…that people would try hard to show you all your mistakes and yet you continued to love them…that people for many of your years would seem to be separate from you but in a instant you would realize they were helping you love…and that the very act of forgiveness was the act of love for yourself….can you honestly in your heart know that you discovering your gifts is the greatest act of love on this planet…that by discovering them….you discover your soul…and then in that discovery….you discover the whole soul…that there was nothing to resist, change, fix, corrupt, manipulate to help people grasp your belief system…that love can’t be explained…but it can be felt…and heard…and the moment you speak it…you find yourself vulnerable and on a tight rope between failure and life…and so you walk there…standing there…can you honestly rest in your heart hearing this…without wanting to run, escape, hide, fix, control, control with positive or negative…wanting this to be different…and honestly say, “Yes I have loved in this way”…..I have discovered my gifts and shared it fully with the world…even though the world, family, friends, strangers, may doubt you….may say that you are lost, confused, crazy…yet when you leave the planet…they will see you left books, messages, words, art, all from your heart…and though they don’t understand it now…when you leave they will see the beauty you left….I am in love with you…”

The angel said to me one night as the breeze filled my room, the moonlit rays glimpsed my face, and there I sat covered in blankets wondering why I was here, and this green eyed, pale faced angel, spoke to me….giggling…then she vanished..



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