No Arrivals Here

No Arrivals Here May 13, 2013

As most seekers who are sincere on the path of the heart begin to quickly gather is that in a world pontificating goals, outcomes, and success; walking the path of heart has no arrival, no destination, and no success.  For the path of the heart is slow, and sometimes fast, but mostly it is just a walk of discovering what is blocking the heart from full expression. I have met many people in my life predicting my path, some would predict success, some would predict I need to keep healing  until I do I will never reach the mark, others could care less, and still more are so self occupied with themselves that to even look out is a chore.

But on this path of the heart there is no stopping point, finish line, arrival, it simply is a uncovering of the Truth.  Till we finally just embrace the ordinary and discover that in the ordinary is something so amazing  that the mind which is always reaching for more, can not understand.   This may comes as panic, concern to people,  when they read this, then questions arise, “Then why should I continue?”  Which I respond, “I don’t know.”  The response is not being a smart ass, but rather ask yourself, “Why continue?”  Life is a constant continuing. Never stops, never looks back, never regrets, so perhaps when the question is answered in your heart, you will discover why you are really on this path.  The path of the heart is not made for the weak of heart, it takes practice to find your inner ROAR. Talk about it with your friends, read about it, go to workshops, listen to priests, ministers, rabbi’s, whoever, but you alone must leave the herded mind and go into the heart alone. Now let me preface in old English alone meant ALL-ONE, so we all must make this journey, everyone has to go to the heart.

Will there be moments of insights, realizations, “Oh yes!” in fact many. Those will be there to encourage you along. But if you are expecting a concept of holy, or spiritual, or acting it, or pretending you know when you don’t, then in fact this practice may just be another escape from the ordinary. Another way of gathering data to empress your friends and seem special. We can’t run from our Karma, we all have to forgive it and look at it. That is okay.

The path of the heart is for you to discover your heart in your temple and discover your relationship as well with it. Develop a intimate relationship with your heart.  Then you will see that ordinary life is extra ordinary sometimes. Most people live to be extra ordinary all of the time, and negate the ordinary.  Peace…

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