Day 11: Moksha, Yoga Of Sincerity

Day 11: Moksha, Yoga Of Sincerity July 21, 2013

Day 11 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Los Angeles, today I entered practice, changing classes at the last minute, which worked out well.     Something occurred in my practice that I would like to share, when I am truly present on my mat, then anticipation goes away, thinking slows down, and trust shows up.  When we trust our teachers it comes from sincerity. We are sincere in learning, sincere in growing, and that sincerity brings about trust in the relationship. An openness to learning. If we lack trust, have trust issues with ourselves or others, we don’t listen fully, in fact we think about the next thing to say, or what we have to do, or we search for approval, or we try and prove ourselves.  So on the yoga mat for 11 days I have noticed a sincerity in my practice and in my life.

A friend of mine had a transformation happen in his life when he prayed.  He had prayed for an answer and he received the answer quickly. So we talked about how that happened, when the other times he had prayed and received nothing it seemed.  We arrived at sincerity. His heart was sincere to receive and listen.  It wasn’t about knowing the answer, or getting more money, or attracting something. It was truly asking from a place of sincerity. Because he had sincerely wanted to know. I have noticed people in my life, that question not from a sincere place, but one of lack of trust with people, and themselves.  They want to build up more defense and are looking to be right.  I would much rather be happy than right as I get older.

Today with our teacher Kate guiding the practice I asked a question about a pose I was in, she came down to meet me where I was and demonstrated with gentleness and care a new way to be with it. The adjustment helped me out tremendously and I was happy to receive the guidance.  I thanked her at the end of class and was able to explain where I picked up the posture. She even explained that lots of people have been doing that and then shared with me some more on how it benefits my practice with the slight change.  Trust is sincere. Being on my mat is about sincerity with each pose and being able to gently let the pose go, to move on to the next one.

I have noticed in my life, I am developing more sincerity for life.  I recognize that there are many people who are hurt, wounded, and in shame, so they may lash out, or yell, or bully, but I am noticing that really they are calling out for love. Most people are calling out for love. On the mat we are calling in love and calling in our connection to the beloved within each of us.  Every love story starts with sincerity and goes from there.  Sincerely thank you for stopping by…on to day 12…


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