Day 10: Moksha, Blinded By The Light

Day 10: Moksha, Blinded By The Light July 20, 2013

Well folks I move into day 10 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Los Angeles to say that I gracefully entered my mat would be far from the truth.  At the home front, I awaited my babysitter, then drove to yoga, rather than walk, yes as many of you know I am a single Dad, there are many good Dad’s out there and I hope you are recognized and celebrated, I know I am, Dad’s most times get a bum wrap, even when they are good. So with that said, yesterday’s practice we went deep into our bodies, so my right hip was pretty much yelling at me today, so this was wonderful opportunity to be with it.  So my practice today was a practice of being with it, at one point the teacher acknowledged that we all have “sensations”, I like that view. Once he said that I was able to be with the sensation in my hip, be gentle with myself, as we moved along in the practice it started to lessen, and I could move through it.  Once you observe something it changes, so once I observed the sensations in my hip, it allowed to move. I didn’t deny it, or act like it wasn’t happening, I just said YES TO IT!

As I move into the first third of 30 days done, it has moved fast, and I have enjoyed the feedback from everyone, it seems to be helping people, which is wonderful.  Moksha is wonderful community, of conscious men and women and I am honored to be sharing my insights.  If you get a chance and want to give hot yoga a try, I would recommend it, get past the sweating part, because you sweat doesn’t mean you are working hard, the sweating is a great way to detox the body.  One of the things I have learned from all the teachers in Los Angeles Moksha is the focus on the breath.  Allowing the breath to guide the practice and giving your minds a break. Today we looked in the mirrors at our poses and I had my shirt off, talking about being blinded by light, jeez.

I am going to take a warm shower now and go on to some play dates with my daughter.  If you have any comments on my journey, please leave them or send them to me. God bless you and sweat on!

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