Day 9: Moksha, “Yoga Is Divine”

Day 9: Moksha, “Yoga Is Divine” July 19, 2013

Well day 9 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Los Angeles found me in a more gentle approach.  We seemed to flow in the first half the practice and then went in to restorative poses the second half.  Again before practice as I closed my eyes on my mat, I sat with allowing the breath to flow uninhibited, meaning can I allow the breath to just flow easily through and out my body with out resistance from the mind. This is what came forward, besides endless amounts of sweating, yes it is possible to allow the flow of breath and allow it to flow uninhibited by thoughts. It takes practice, and where I place my attention.

What I noticed was when I place my focus on the mind then I push through aggressively and the pose becomes more like an animal and less like unity.  But on the other hand when I put my attention on the breath, I notice that the breath gracefully pushes me out, and the mind follows the breath. When the mind controls the practice then the breath is very constrictive and tight. It feels like when I would get asthma as a kid.  My chest would be tight and gasping for air.  The breath is life, and in some spiritual practice’s and religion’s it is acknowledged as the holy spirit or spirit. The bridge between heaven and earth.

Yoga is divine. It is the connection between the earth and the heavens, which is what we need in our life, the balance of life. But as always it starts with our walk.  We live in a society created by our unconscious agreements and conscious agreements, our stories bring us closer to each other, and rather than judge people which is an easy way out of life, let us yearn to understand each other and by understanding we become closer to the divine within and out.  Just like Moksha Yoga is teaching me, it is my job when I practice to understand who I am in the pose and how I show up in the world. Then by understanding myself, I can adjust accordingly, same with people, if we can understand each other than we can adjust accordingly.

Yoga is a divine understanding of our unity within and bringing that out. On to Day 10….

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