Moksha LA Day 2: Getting My Sweat On!

Moksha LA Day 2: Getting My Sweat On! July 12, 2013

Day 2 on my 30 straight days at Moksha continued today…today’s practice was filled with music…I continued to play with my breath allowing me to dive into the poses,  Moksha is hot yoga, so you bring a towel…at one point in the practice we were working on hips…I felt my mind very active and it was at this moment I became aware of myself gripping my towel like a baby holding his blanket.  I smiled.  The power of the breath is wonderful, it really helps me talk down the mind when it starts to grip. I thought I might be a little tight from yesterdays practice but felt  stronger.

Everyday offers new challenges and today the challenge on my mat was breathing through my comfort zone and going into those places that were screaming. My comfort zone stops where the loud noises are.  Meaning I am comfortable not going there. As I continued to breath into and with and through those places I noticed a wonderful insight come forward, “Your safe, nothing is going to hurt you here, your on your mat,” and I allowed myself to go in. Why not? We only live once, I might as well enjoy the opportunities as they arise.

I read a blog by a wonderful teacher and Mystic Matthew Fox who said”… that in a capitalist land we are taught to be miser’s. To horde, to save up till we die then give it away”, then he suggested that love is a celebration that is always giving. Our job as lovers of love is to always be giving.  I bring this up in regards to my practice, the more I give into it, the better I am. So when my thoughts are screaming, “YOU ARE NOT SAFE PULL BACK!! AHHHHH!!”  I listen and keep breathing through and with it.   Wonderfully the noise stops, and it is at this moment that accomplish something.

Now the accomplishment might not be seen by you, but I see it, and the more I continue to see me and hear me, the more I will stop demanding it from the others and the world.  Namaste-  Have blessed day!

David Matthew Brown

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