Day 3: Moksha “No Breath, No Yoga”

Day 3: Moksha “No Breath, No Yoga” July 13, 2013

Day 3 on my 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha in Los Angeles, California on La Brea.  Today started off on my mat with wonderful strength, and inner power formed and maintained with my breath.  The breath works to ignite, enliven, and move the body.  I love that we are encouraged to breath and let the breath take us deeper.  Our teacher today Joe played some cool tunes and mentioned, “No breath, no yoga.” That really helped to inform me again of the power of the breath in my practice.

The breath for me is the connector between heaven and earth.  It is about the whole being, incorporating the whole being into your practice. Sometimes yoga is looked at as just about the body and the heaven aspect is left out.  We need both heaven and earth in our practice to balance each other out, especially in our life filled with so many earthly things. Without heaven we become unbalanced in the world.  Our breath as Joe the teacher mentioned is the “equalizer in our practice”, and the bridge.

I am understanding that in my practice by letting the breath into the parts of the body that may be tight, resisting, I bring in love.  My breath accepts all life as it is.  So for me the breath accepts the parts in me that are scared, scared, hurt, shameful, or even guilty, and the breath allows me to feel those places and release them.  Especially in the hips.  To breath deep into the hips and allow the energy to move, it also seems to shake up lots of cellular memories too.

I have been noticing in my practice some old memories coming up strong, and the feelings as well. When I meditate on this, I received guidance that it is just that; old memories that are looking to find their way out of the body.

In hot yoga I am recovering quickly each day and the body feels great and alive.  Oh thank you for the emails from both men and women who wanted to do naked yoga with me,  sorry for the misunderstanding, I am doing hot yoga, with clothes on. Very flattered though and that put a smile on my face.  Well to play with my daughter and see ya tomorrow.  Is anyone out there? If so thank you for reading. Breathe on…. Day 4 tomorrow

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