Day 4: Discover The Pose

Day 4: Discover The Pose July 14, 2013

Day 4:  Discover The Pose

Today I continue on to day 4 of 30 straight days of hot yoga. Before practice started I laid down on my mat and closed my eyes. The room was quiet and I focused my attention on my breath coming into my nostrils and out. As I did this an idea floated into my mind, “Discover the pose today”, then I thought, “Discover life.”
How many times am I planning ahead? How many times am I dwelling on yesterday? How many times do  I find my self in my head? Yet when do I give my self permission to discover life, or for that matter discover the pose.

Each pose in my practice is a discovery, with the breath guiding me to discovering the pose as it is today. Christians have this same practice but they use the Our Father to practice with. Reminding them that life is happening here and it is to be discovered as it is.

So today I used this idea to discover the intimate nature of the pose. Allowing the breath to fully engage the pose. How quickly pride gets in and knocks you over. I found pride coming in and then I was knocked down. The breath fully engaged humbles the self into the pose, and the pose is discovered as it is.

This is important for my discovery, to discover how many times I expect people, situations to be different, wanting them to change or be different. Yet it is good as it is. It is up to me to change the direction if one doesn’t work with out resistance and if I am resisting it, to breath into it, and allow for a new idea to come.

This happened in my practice today, on a back bend, the body was resisting and so I used my breath to allow the resistance to happen; why fight it. Funny. I noticed my shoulders blades come together and chest come out, and it felt like everything came from the inside out and glided me in then out. Resisting is giving us an opportunity to rest. Resting in resisting is how we stretch ourselves.

Yoga offers us the invitation to discover the pose, life offers us the same invitation. To discover life without war, defense, without the past, and it invites us to discover it as it is. The IT is the pose or life. Either way, staying open to discover the possibility that this is enough and so are you. If the pose is challenging me, rather than fight it, argue with it; I discover it, meet it, allow it to teach me, this seems to bring compassion to myself. Do I still fight it? Oh yes, but now I know when I am fighting, to stop and breath into the fight.

Well day 4 done…on to dinner and then sleep…Namaste

David Matthew Brown (Naked Mystic)- Blogger of Wrestling With Yourself on Patheos, Author of THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING, and Heartspirational speaker and Dad.

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