Day 47 of 90: Moksha Yoga, How Am I Feeling Now?

Day 47 of 90: Moksha Yoga, How Am I Feeling Now? August 26, 2013

Day 47 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA, and before practice I noticed something that seem to shift my life. I noticed that I was feeling a little down.  Can’t really explain why, but it lasted for a few minutes, till this question arose, “How am I feeling now?” The answer came, “Low”.  So I asked myself, “What is this low feeling from?” Answer came, “Focusing on what you don’t want.” Hmmmm. So I asked, “Can I change this feeling?”  I started to focus on what I wanted. As I did my feelings began to rise up. I felt lighter, thankful, and alive.  In one fell swoop the great law of love came in.  We are here to love. Love is being and being is feeling.  As you are present you are feeling fully the great love, big love, the divine. From this place you have a choice, to love or fear.

So my practice today I decided to lay on my mat, and feel the mat below, feel my body, feel the breath, and then ask, “How am I feeling now?” Answer, “Relaxed”.  I sunk into my mat with my eyes closed and felt empowered.  Why? Because these feelings inside of me, are mine,and they matter.

A good example for me is this path I am on, writing on my 90 straight days of hot yoga, now lets say you don’t like this, and I hear you. And lets say after I hear you, I need to be liked, so if you don’t like it, then I feel let down, unworthy, lost, because I cared more about how you feel than how I feel. So now I can ask myself, “How am I feeling now?” Answer, “Dis-empowered”. Wonderful, because now I am honest with myself, not negating the feeling. So now I ask, “Can I change this feeling?” Answer, “Yes.” Now I am empowered again, I have a choice.

Our teacher Charis entered the class with a wonderful style of intelligence, strength, and love. She guided us through the practice, with style, and wonderful music. She was attentive and spent time helping us when we needed it. Now in today’s class I caught myself wobbling in a pose, which is fine, but my wobbling was coming from my focus on a student in front of me who was wobbling.  So I checked in and asked myself, “How am I feeling now?” Answer, “Unfocused”.  “Can I change this feeling?” Answer, “Yes”.  I went inside and allowed my breath to guide my practice and my attention went from outside to inside. And I stopped wobbling.

Our feelings are wonderful indicators of what we are focusing on.  And when we change them, we empower ourselves.  We empower our lives.  So when you find yourself in a feeling of negativity, ask yourself, “How am I feeling now?” and then ask, “Can I change this feeling?”  See where it takes you! Love you. Tomorrow I start a three day cleanse with Clover…I will share my thoughts…on to day 48…Namaste

  David Matthew Brown- Heart Speaker, Trainer, Blogger, Dad, and Author.

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