Day 71 of 90: Modo Yoga, It Begins With You

Day 71 of 90: Modo Yoga, It Begins With You September 19, 2013

Day 71 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Modo Yoga and today’s class taught by Emily B was wonderful. She shared with us about the day of peace on September 21st, and asked us to contemplate, “What does peace mean to you?” I have been asked this question a couple times, in classes, and at services, and my answer today really surprised me, here it is, “acceptance.”  So I used that as my intention for class today.

Emily also invited us to make peace with ourselves.  Everyday that I have been practicing on the mat, I step closer to that treaty within, I step closer to peace. Because everyday on the mat I am called to accept myself right where I am. A couple of days ago I might have had the practice of a lifetime, then the next day I show up and feel sluggish, what I have noticed with acceptance is that it helps me with everything.

Lets say I am fighting with myself inside, the moment I label it, “fighting”, it goes away. In class I had a moment of reflecting, so I was aware of it, and labeled it, “reflecting” it fell away. In some circles people will say, “let go” or “surrender” and those words I have a tough time with. But when I accept everything as it is, it helps in releasing  my hold on them.  In another moment in class I had a strong sensation in my hip, I felt it, and said to myself softly, “sensation”. The sensation fell away, and it allowed more breath to seep into the space where the sensation appeared to be congesting the hip. As the breath entered the area of the hip I was able to expand more and deeply with grace.

Peace is an invitation to accept. Emily read a beautiful quote on peace, which was about having peace in our heart even with the noise happening.  Peace, love, and harmony can only begin with each of us.  Otherwise they are just words we throw around, but when those words become real to you inside, and you begin to feel the power in them, and the responsibility that comes with it, then life changes. We begin to watch how we use our words, how we treat others, how we respond to life, how we treat our self, there is great importance to resolve the war inside now on this planet, and it simply begins with a choice to make peace inside. Break bread with ourselves and forgive our enemies.  Mother earth is dependent on us now, more than ever.

On to day 72 of 90…Namaste

  David Matthew Brown: Hearspirational


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