Day 74 of 90: Modo Yoga, The Question?

Day 74 of 90: Modo Yoga, The Question? September 22, 2013

Day 74 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Modo Yoga and I walked in and took a class right away.  It was a straight Modo class that lasted 75 minutes.  Our teacher was Grant and the class really focused on the breath and breathing into the pose.  What a great reminder on a Sunday and the first day of fall. Fall is a wonderful reminder to go within and contemplate.  We have created a world story where defense is the intention.

We defend our cars, homes, business’s, countries, lives, we go to the doctor’s and they look for what is wrong, most people are always trying to fix, control, manipulate others, all so we can feel safe and comfortable. Our language when we meet new people is geared toward asking, “What is wrong? Are you okay?” Or checking in, “How are you doing?”  Most people never ask for pray when things are going good only when things seem to be going wrong.

Taking practice today on the mat, I looked at what is right in the practice. I looked at being with right now. Experiencing the ever changing now. Every breath is different, every moment offers a new experience, and as we awaken from the slumber, we notice the mind is always in defense of itself. Defending the need to be right, the need to know, the need to attack, the need to need, and if we are not conscious of this, we will never uncover the mirage which keeps us from the presence.  The mirage is subtle and loud. The mirage creates fear.

So in our yoga practice, the mirage can complain about the feelings inside the body, scream because the sensations are to much, the mirage can make us believe that these feelings are because of the outside, the mirage can force us to push through things because we are uncomfortable with how things are now, the mirage can suggest thoughts that are completely untrue and want us to believe them as true.  All to keep us from experiencing now. Clever and if we don’t watch it, we become the cleverness, the manipulators, the controllers, the greedy, the haters, etc… So waking up is most important. Not waking up our partners, families, the world, and making them wrong; but waking up ourselves and becoming an example for our families, friends, strangers, and the world. That matters, because  waking up matters. We are here to know ourselves. Not know other peoples business and get involved.

So ask yourself, “How am I being right now?” Be honest with yourself. Then be there.

On to day 75…..Namaste.

  David Matthew Brown

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