Day 76 of 90: Modo Yoga, Mother Mary

Day 76 of 90: Modo Yoga, Mother Mary September 24, 2013

Day 76 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Modo yoga with teacher Carolina. My first book I ever wrote was never published it was entitled “Mary and Me”, it was my dialogue with Mother Mary. I remember a section in the book where Mary said, “David let the practice  be to contemplate your breath.”  That terrified me because I had an active thinking mind and thought how could focusing on your breath solely help, what about prayer and meditation. And she said, “David the breath is the movement of God, it is answered prayer, it is meditation; words- no matter how beautiful they are can capture  God.”

I bring that up because teacher Carolina asked us to deepen our breath and allow the breath to guide us. The moment you lose the moment you have lost the movement of the breath. Again this sounds simple but we move in a society of distraction. We are distracted from our peace of mind. Distracted by what we see, hear, yet in the breath we become. We are always becoming. The breath as Mother Mary brought up, is the everything. Practice that. Words are limiting, experience is limitless.

We are always wanting to describe our life but words limit it. Texting can’t express you, email can’t, this blog can only offer a glimpse, TV can’t do it, but in your breath, you can experience something called wonderment and awe.

Life is beautiful. Practice observing the breath. Feel it in you. Stop wanting everyone to make you comfortable, to feel comfortable, life wants to expand, express, grow, and life is always on the cusp of death. Life is not comfortable. A tree is always growing, losing leaves, and gaining new ones. If your spiritual practice is about comfort than you will never grow. Spirit (Breath) wants to soar. So follow the breath. See where it takes you!!

Yoga is unification of breath, body, and mind as one movement.

On to day 77….namaste

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