Day 77 of 90: Modo Yoga, The Offering

Day 77 of 90: Modo Yoga, The Offering September 25, 2013

Day 77 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Modo Yoga and I am reminded today at 6 am practice that everyday we are offered another day to live on this planet.  At night when we close our eyes, that could be it. So when you wake up, it is easy to jump into habits that protect us from experiencing life in a new way.  So as I walked to practice I embraced the breath, and thanked the divine for allowing me this day.  So when I entered practice taught by Grant, and laid on my mat, I realized yoga is about the  journey of meeting the divine on the mat. This is our one on one time. No BS. No Escape. No proving. No needs. No wants. Just here and dealing with what comes up. And frankly it may not be comfortable. Life is not meant to be comfortable, but that does not mean you have to struggle with it, or even struggle.

This morning for about a quarter of the practice I was nagged by sweat, heat, wanting to scratch, wipe the sweat away, and it was intense. But I was with it, and I don’t know when, but those sensations that were nagging me, fell away.  Then I experienced intense memories coming up. Then that fell away. And finally stillness in Shavasana. So yes I am on day 77 straight of hot yoga, but it is just like day one, everyday on the mat, like life offers us a chance to ride the wave of life, go with the flow of it.

We never go up to a rose and say grow, or your growing wrong, or your wrong, or want to fix you, change you,  degrade you, in fact when we see a rose, we accept it and are amazed by the rose. What is so difficult in doing that for each of us.  We gets in our way. We do. Who is this “we do”? The mind. So we practice to get the mind out of the way, so it can serve us, as it is meant to do.  So on the mat, we see the mind. We watch it. And then we quiet. There is no need to fight the mind, resist it, we will lose that fight. So we must accept. Going through fear, accept it, don’t change it, or fix it. Accept it. You will move quicker through it.  Why? Because you must deal with what ever is actually happening now.

Grant offered us in practice a moment of just sitting in meditation and observing the parts of the body.  It felt great.  Today you are offered another day to live. Live it presently here.  See what happens.

On to day 78….Namaste

   David Matthew Brown

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