Day 78 of 90 Straight Days @Modo Yoga

Day 78 of 90 Straight Days @Modo Yoga September 26, 2013

Day 78 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at MODO YOGA and again I found myself waking up early for the 6 am practice, this time with teacher Carolina.  Carolina offered us the idea of just being here. We opened practice with sitting meditation and then went into Modo practice.  It is great to shake it up. I loved having time to sit and sit in stillness before practice.  From there we set our intention. For some reason the intention that came forward for me was “giving”.

Without questioning the word “giving” as my intention I dove in.  Today’s practice I found some subtle things happening. The “giving” turned out to be about allowing the breath to give to me. I allowed the breath to go into my back area, fill up my kidney’s, my spine, and noticed I had fuller breaths. So the “giving” intention allowed for more life energy to flow into my body, which is wonderful, because normally when I wake up so early, I allow coffee to flow into my body 🙂 which is still fun.

I also noticed in our back bends today my breath was helping me in the pose by pulling me up and expanding along with my abs.  So the breath and core were really starting to work as one, giving me strength, no longer using the mind in anyway.    Imagine if you focus on the breath, on each inhale as though it was a giving you a gift, how abundant you would feel.  Here we are looking for abundance out there in the world, and it is coming into our lungs all day long.  Honestly I can’t believe I am on day 78 of 90 straight days.  At soccer practice last night, one of my soccer moms said she was reading my blog and how it is helping her appreciate life and her breath. Very cool.

Today I felt inspired by the simplicity of breath and what a wonderful gift it is for all of us.  The breath has no judgment, it breaths all of us equally. Like the sun shines on us all! Life is what is.

On to day 79…Namaste


   David Matthew Brown

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