Day 82 of 90: Modo Yoga, What Would Happen?

Day 82 of 90: Modo Yoga, What Would Happen? September 30, 2013

Day 82 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Modo Yoga   and  this is a practice. Each of us is practicing life. Everyday we are given the opportunity to express our hearts desire. Everyday we are given another day of life.  Yoga gives us that opportunity to accept everything as it is, and then make adjustments.  Sometimes the adjustments are subtle, and sometimes they are big. But yoga teaches us on our mat to listen to the breath, follow it, trust it, and go into it. And yoga does it in safe environment.

Today’s practice was facilitated by Matt. I like his no BS approach to yoga. Just get in there and experience it. Simple. Yoga is about experiencing life as it is. This is not easy. We resist everything when we live in the monkey mind. Today I find myself in the living breath. Your breath is alive, it gives you life, what more do you need?

Matt taught us through practice today many twists; and what I gathered from that on my mat is that life offers us many twists and turns, so can you breath with them. Not through them, or push them away, or run, or hide, or make stories, excuses, or even worry,  but can you breath with them as they are and trust that the answer will come. Not on your time frame but with the flow of life itself.  Nature meets every need effortlessly, and we are taught to struggle with everything. Why? Why is it so difficult to just accept things as they are? Why do we judge them, criticize them? What are we scared about? What will happen if you actually trust in the flow of life? Trusting in the flow is really just accepting life right where you are.

Can you imagine just accepting everything in your life as it is, people, circumstances, situations, etc…everything as it is. Sit with that. What would happen? There would be nothing left to fix or change in anyone.  Nothing to worry about. Life is not so much about fixing, changing, because life does that naturally. Nature balances everything out. So does life. So live life with a good heart, forgive, and accept.  Keep it simple.


On to day 83…Namaste



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