Day 89 of 90: Modo Yoga, The Little Things

Day 89 of 90: Modo Yoga, The Little Things October 7, 2013

Day 89 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Modo Yoga and I entered Matt’s flow class. Today Matt set the intention to focus on the little things in practice, for they add up to the bigger picture.  Which is a wonderful reminder.

Today in flow I was aware of those little things I may be doing in practice, the little foundational things that help out the bigger picture in the practice.  I recognized in my practice the importance of different rotations in different poses and since our focus was on twists, I really became aware of the breath. Life is really very simple on the yoga mat, but at first it seems complex.  Simplify, simplify, simplify. Simply stay with the breath.  The breath will take you where you need to go in life and on the mat. I know it seems so simple but breath.

Matt reminded us of the alignment in several poses, which was great. Yes after day 89 I am still growing and learning. It feels like it will continue that way. My hope is that it does.  I always enjoy watching teachers practice with us when they aren’t teaching.  Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of their postures and learn by watching them.

If I am to be sincere with you and open, I must admit to be one day away from 90 blows me away.  In particular that I made a conscious choice to share with you everyday on this blog no matter what. This has become like a job, well a job that love.  I love experiencing my practice, sharing it with you, speaking, and traveling. This 90 day challenge has been incredible. Most people are still curious of what will happen when it is over, not sure. But let me enjoy the 90th day and I will let you know. This is a celebration for me, not something I should run past to the next thing.

I shared this yesterday at Unity Burbank when I talked, there are tons of people who hark on the presence, or being here, and what does that feel like? Well being is feeling, we are called to feel into life, not think into it. Thinking takes you out of the biggest ally you have, your feelings. Sometimes I feel that is why people think to much and worry, because they are afraid to feel how they feel now. Without listening to your feelings, you lose touch with the presence and worry.  Your feelings matter. When we feel in yoga practice we can adjust, because breathing and feeling are tools of the trade on the mat. Because when we are breathing and feeling presently, we accept. The quicker you can accept life as it is, the easier it is to adjust. In yoga we are called to “unconditionally accept” the pose, life, the breath, resistance, right as it is unfolding now.

On today 90….Namaste

  David Matthew Brown



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