Day 95: Modo Yoga, Discovery

Day 95: Modo Yoga, Discovery October 13, 2013

Yes the 90 days straight days of Modo Yoga challenge is over, and yes I am still going. It will stop soon, but till it does, I entered Yin class today. I entered class with a tight strain on my right side of my neck. During Saturday’s soccer game I moved one my many under 8 year old girls and strained something. I am okay mom.  So I entered class with the intention to realign, and caught myself saying to myself, “realign”.  Funny.  It is funny because we use all theses wonderful words like peace, love, harmony, etc… and we discover that we have never left it, nor have they left us. Peace is right here and comes with us every where we go.  As I laid there in the longer poses today, I discovered how wonderful it is to be with the sensation in my neck.

Every time a sensation came, I never went anywhere, I stayed with it.  I continued to allow the sensations to come and go.  I just noticed them more as they arrived. It was as though the sensations were wanting to tell me something.  So I listened. This is what I heard, as I listened, felt the sensations, and stayed with them. I asked, “Sensation what is it you want to tell me?” This is what I heard, “You are blocking inspiration with thinking, and thinking kills inspiration, so stop thinking, and follow the breath.”  It was at this point, I asked the sensation in my body to let go, but first I thanked it for stopping by.  Here I thought the sensation in my neck was from lifting the girls, but somewhere along the line I was blocking my new path. As the feeling let go, I was flooded with tears.  It is official the old way of living, it no longer works, thank goodness.

Time to trust in the moment by moment experience of inspiration.  This is the new world, the new way of being in the world, we are meant to feel. Watch a tree, it is feeling constantly.  Don’t believe me, sit next to a tree and ask it a question on your life, and listen, you will receive.  As I laid down in a pose, my right side of my neck popped into place, and it felt so good. In Shavasana I slept.  The night before I had trouble moving.  Felt like sharing! BY the way thank you teacher Katie, you are a Godsend at Modo Yoga LA, truly.


  David Matthew Brown

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