Day 96: Modo Yoga, Embrace Your Feelings

Day 96: Modo Yoga, Embrace Your Feelings October 14, 2013

As I continue to practice Modo Yoga in LA, I stepped into a Modo Flow with teacher Grant. It was there on my mat sweating that I realized the power of stillness.  As you learn to quiet more, you will discover that you become like a bow and arrow.  When the body, mind, and spirit are one, all is quiet, and so when inspiration hits, it hits the bow and fires off into the world.  But first you must bow to your heart and practice quieting. However you do that. Learn to quiet.

I also love the fact that bow is spelled like bowing. In a world that spends 16 years conditioning us to be good workers, rather than then good leaders, we are now in a time and space where we must go past what we “think” and go to what we “feel”. When you final decide to bow inward to your heart and listen, you will discover the greatest power known on this planet. The power to listen to your feelings.  YOUR FEELINGS THAT MATTER. Why do your feelings matter? Because they are yours and they are happening inside of you. Those feelings will guide you to your purpose. What I am writing here might scare you, because you have been trained to be a good thinker, and not think bad. But I am not suggesting good or bad thinking, I am asking you to feel. How does it feel to be you? How do you feel now? When we deny our feelings, we deny others as well. They feel and we run, vice versa. EMBRACE YOUR FEELINGS!!!

I have learned in my life, that unhappy people want you  unhappy, and happy people want you happy. Both are opinions about. One feels good, one feels bad. But what matters is which feeling pulls you, happy or unhappy.

As you feel into the feelings you will know what to do moment by moment.  Be like a bow. Be still. Alert. Ready. For what? Inspiration. It may strike at any time, so be ready. All life is taken care of. We must listen, feel, and go for it.


  David Matthew Brown


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