The Power Of The Heart

The Power Of The Heart November 22, 2013

As many of you know, I am considered a Heartspirational Speaker and coach. I help people live from their heart. The process is quite uplifting, dramatic, and inspiring to be a part of. You might say, “I am a midwife to the heart”. Because dropping into the heart from the mind is the process. But the rewards are incredible. Such as living more present, random acts of giving, loving, compassion, kindness, and you stand in your worth. When you stand in your worth, you no longer are a door mat for people to walk on. Your heart stands up and meets every situation. To live in your heart, is to use the mind, not allow yourself to be used by the mind. You are it! You are what you are looking for in others. That said, some people have asked me lately how to deal with the holidays, so I have written a quick step by step process for you.  It is on HEART BREATHING. Use it. It will transform your day, life, and help you with stressful family members, friends, and shopping.  Happy Holidays!!

How to Heart Breath

1. Acknowledge your feelings.

2. Put your attention on your heart.

3. Breath into your heart and out of your heart for about 1 minute or so. Continue if you need too.

4. You can you use this process for a meditation as well. Heart breath. It is good for you and the planet.



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