Shine Your Awesomeness

Shine Your Awesomeness December 2, 2013

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking at Unity Burbank. It is a great community filled with inspiring music, laughter, and joy.  I have been speaking there on rotation for over 3 and half years. The first Sunday of every month I speak.  I marvel at how quickly another year has passed, as we move into the home stretch of 2013. In my talk yesterday I asked the congregation to close their eyes and breath into their hearts and say to themselves, “I AM AWESOME”. Then I asked them to feel that. Really feel it. What does that feel like right now to feel AWESOME.

FEEL IT! Really feel it to the very core of your heart.  I AM AWESOME. In self help, spirituality, positivity, or a lot of other methods that are geared toward improvement, we seem to focus on the darkness, and shadow, and give it a lot of attention lately. I understand why, but we negate the good that we are. I am not speaking to the good vs bad way of being in the world, I am speaking to the wholeness that exists in all of us. Yes in all of us.  All of us have at some time in our life embraced the feeling of AWESOME.  When you were born into this world, the doctors, your parents, family, were in AWE of you. So much love was coming out of them, they couldn’t express how happy they were to see you.  That is who you really are.

Instead of focusing on that, we focus on our break-ups, new relationships, money, jobs, etc… to define us. These are wonderful experiences to focus on, but they are not you, they are experiences. You are AWESOME. Can you imagine your conversations coming from the place of AWESOME? Can you imagine how you would live in a place of AWESOME? Imagine now, I AM AWESOME. FEEL IT, LET THAT INSPIRE YOU!! When you come from the feeling of AWESOME, you leave judgment, criticism for the mediocre and play BIG on the planet.  You serve with empowering language, you serve the heart, you serve your career, you serve a bigger purpose as you embrace the AWESOME inside.

So today embrace and practice: I AM AWESOME and FEEL IT!!! See if your world changes. Leave mediocre and mediocrity and play big, BE YOU!!!

Here is a video on heart breathing. You can use it for the holidays:

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