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Ask The Naked Mystic December 12, 2013

I appreciate everyone who reads the Naked Mystic. I have been receiving emails lately, with some good questions.  So I felt like opening the door to questions. If you would like to send a question to me, I would be happy to answer them.

Please address all questions, SUBJECT LINE: Naked Mystic in case it goes to spam. Ask a question and I will answer it and post it here.


1. “David where are you speaking next?” Thank you Nancy, on December 28th and 29th I will be facilitating my workshop entitled “ROAR and SOAR” in Las Vegas at two different centers. Tickets are only $20, and space is limited, so I would reserve your space. The workshop is geared toward living from your heart and it has shifted lots of people.

December 28th Just Breathe Wellness:  Just Breathe Wellness Center

December 29th CSL Las Vegas Center:  Las Vegas CSL

2.” Hello, I am practicing meditation and find it difficult, the thoughts are overwhelming, and I can’t sit still, any suggestions?”  Paul thank you your openness and my suggestion is to practice the heart breath. You can walk outside and practice. Just place your attention at your heart and then simply breath into your heart and out. Do this for at least 2 minutes. This is also a good practice for when you are at work and need to catch some silence. This practice will drop you out of your mind.  Let me know how it works!


3. “Why do you call yourself the Naked Mystic?” Neale I call myself the naked the mystic because when you live from the whole heart, you are open, naked, and vulnerable to all that is happening here. When you are naked, you can’t hide, run, manipulate, etc… you can only accept. Spiritual practice is about learning to accept life as it is, and then make adjustments. Yes you will feel a lot at first, but that is part of the practice. Don’t be afraid to feel and love. I hope this helps. LMK

Happy Day!



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