The Purpose

The Purpose December 12, 2013

I was on a talk show recently, and the host brought up purpose, making the suggestion that most people are searching for their purpose, that thing that brings them happiness.  I listened, and as she continued, I closed my eyes and listened within, and then responded, “Be here, that’s it.” There was a little bit of silence, and then, “Be here? No perhaps you are not hearing me correctly…” So she repeated the story of our purpose, I smiled on the other end of the line, as I listened to her pitch. When she was done, I repeated, “Be here.”

Well on the radio, when you simplify something, it leaves dead air, so I asked if I could explain my response. So again I closed my eyes, and listened. Then I responded,

“Be here, that is our purpose, we have been taught many things about purpose, except for actual the purpose itself, which is “be here”. I know this isn’t exciting for your listeners, but our purpose is here. As we become friends with right here, then our purpose is simple. I am here with you, so what is my purpose right now? To be here. As a Dad in front of my daughter I am here with her. As a writer, speaker, facilitator, friend, son, etc… the purpose is right here. Then right here brings me joy. Now I have discovered joy.  I find joy in everything right here. From here, there may be a inspired moment of delight, where I am moved to follow this joy… as lets say… a speaker and share this message with the world. So every purpose begins here. But it starts with discovering here and becoming friends with it. Simple.”

Ancient Egyptians believed two questions determined whether or not they would be allowed to proceed on to the afterlife:

Did you find joy?
Did you bring joy?
These two questions can be answered right here.  May you discover the joy here. Love you


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