Change Is The Currency Of Love

Change Is The Currency Of Love December 11, 2013

Change is the currency of love. The current that flows from the universe through each of us.  As the current flows with ease, it appears to be blocked by the energetic weather of the mind. The mind appears at first glance to just be a constant storm, it changes upon the conditions it sees outside.  Sometimes the weather is dark and sometimes the weather is clear, but the sun and moon continue to shine.

Imagine arriving at a still lake, a soft breeze brushes up against your cheek, and smell of roses fills you up. Your breath is smooth, slow, and deep, and you feel a sense of purpose and belonging. As you rest there, you look out and see clouds filling the air. They are dark, and now your relaxed mood changes by what you see. Your breath begins to shorten, it picks up, and your body tenses up. The clouds pass over. What changed? Nothing really, just what you were seeing.  What you were seeing outside, changed how you were feeling inside, but why?  This is how most people live their lives. The outside dictating how they must be. Yet as I stated earlier, “Change is the currency of love.”

This is what the masters speak too, “don’t let anything disturb your peace.”  See nothing has disturbed your love, nothing, and so no-thing has power over you as love. You are part of the current of love. We all are. When you sit by a river and watch the water flow, it is undisturbed. It continues to flow, it flows around a rock, or over it. It does not change course. It flows. Like love. Like the nature of you. Change is the currency of love.

You are part of a great current, which is flowing you to overflowing, yet the only thing that appears to be slowing the flow down is your belief that the “weather in the mind” is true.  Imagine now, that you are a still lake, and your breath is smooth, long, and deep. The smells in the air are of fresh flowers, you can hear birds sing, and now you see the clouds come. Yet this time you see them, and observe them. As you do, they pass. What changed? Just the view, but you remained as love. Realizing that the clouds were being themselves, and so where you. Each of is love, flowing with the one current called love.

Today, contemplate this: “Change is the currency of love.”

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