Finding God?

Finding God? December 9, 2013

We make God extraordinary, big, and daunting. In meditation we discover that God is found in service to each other. Find God? Help others. Friend crying, you are meeting God. Friend needs food, feed God.  Friend needs a hug, meet God. Everywhere we go we meet God. In all kinds of physical forms, but all with a heart.  Yes it is tough sometimes, but in meeting each other, we are meeting God. God is simple.

Today I was working and meeting so many different people, and so I stepped away from my phone, and began to breath into my heart, in and out and asked for guidance, and I heard, “You are here to serve, stop making this about you, everyone you meet is God, simple.”  I felt that in my heart, and went back to work.  Invigorated and filled with energy.  Later in my day I started noticing things, as I really settled in and listened. A woman told me of a story of forgiveness, and how it opened her to love those she hated. It allowed me to look at people I may have hard time accepting.  A man shared his story of gratitude. Where do I feel gratitude in my life?  Two women shared their gifts in helping me get my workshop out. I received a gift from a friend. My parents helped me out. And all I had to do was listen and serve God, and get out of the way.

I hope this holiday season we serve each other, in serving each other we serve God, and we stop making the search so daunting. That we serve, that we ask for wisdom, that we rest in ourselves, and that gratitude is our prayer.

Let love, let love, let love. Another words allow.

There are many people I am indebted too, but God is the source of all of us. Lose yourself in love.


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