Want to Shine Your Beauty?

Want to Shine Your Beauty? December 5, 2013

Want to shine your beauty? Want to attract more? Want to attract love? Do these questions grab you? We live in a world that offers quick fixes, but none of it offers you the opportunity to just be you. What if the disclaimer said, “Don’t you yearn to just be yourself? Are you tired of trying to get approval at work, home, relationships, and trying to prove yourself? Aren’t you tired of following the rat race?” The best solution I can find in ending it all is resting here. Your beauty, love, kindness, compassion, strength all happens right here. The only thing that seems to tug at us non-stop is the mind.

You ever notice when you enter a group, you can tell who the leader is right away. Have you ever entered a group with no leader, just a bunch of people giving opinions, well that is like the mind. The mind will give a bunch of opinions till you decide that you want to lead.  Till then it will try to be the master. So the mind is part of your growth. The “you” I am referring too is the “witness, the watcher, the observer”.  So as we meditate, we are training ourselves to watch what is happening right here. As we train ourselves to watch the mind, we begin to see who we actually are, we are not the opinions of the mind. This is important because the moment we understand this, we no longer listen to what others tell us, we listen to who we are.  As we become comfortable with “here”, we begin to shine our love, kindness, compassion, etc.. without getting anything in return.

Living here is natural, beautiful, and peaceful. So I can’t offer you a quick fix, but I can suggest learning to rest here, meditate, breath, and live here fully. Experience the experience of here. It all passes away, so enjoy.  I find resting here to be the most attractive thing on this planet, because I meet the person and myself without any nonsense, just two people meeting here.

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