Alive, A Life, All

Alive, A Life, All January 6, 2014

As I move into my work today, the holy days have passed, and collectively we move into 2014.  One thing that struck this heart was our collective loss of duality. It is like any death, it is a major loss. We have made up so much on this planet from a sense of ego that the loss is really starting to effect people.  The ego has convinced us to identify with it in work, money, business, love, relationships, stocks, health, politics,  spirituality, and religion, it has affected so much of our existence and most people I have invested so much in these identities that as we move into our hearts we see our rules, pride, importance as silly systems built on sand. The heart is the foundation of all life.  It is first appear in the womb and the last to go on our death bed.

I can not speak for anyone else, but my experience in resting in the heart is it negates nothing, it a an experience of full aliveness now.  So when I read, “Keep it real” or “Don’t negate the shadow”, my sense is that the language is still caught in ego.  The heart is fully present with everything all ready.  In the heart is where we discover that all is one, alive, and all life is happening.  I bring this up, because our language is very limiting, and it is hard to describe the sense of resting in the heart. There simply is no negation there, it is fully accepting of everything, everybody, and it deals with every situation as it arises.

When the attention is put in the ego then duality exists, good and bad, and accepting and not accepting, and my rules and rules, and my religion and your religion. My way and your way.  The invitation is in the experience of the heart. I invite you into your heart and rest there. You may discover that the heart is the experience itself. It is not about “realness” so much as it is about “aliveness”.  If I hear realness then I get caught up with what is real? What is not real? And back to the ego projections and arguments.

But as I rest in aliveness in the heart, the experience is as it is. Alive. A life. All.

(Disclaimer: Many of you may not have read my blogs on Ego. So I will be brief. Ego is neither good or bad. When the ego and heart come back into union with each other, the ego is the servant and the heart is the master. On our planet most people abuse their hearts, because the ego is the master and the heart is the servant. As we shift collectively, we are moving back home into our hearts.)

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Go into 2014 heart centered and aware of who you are.

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