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Spirit Heart January 10, 2014

For a couple of months I have been facilitating a easy method for people to enter into their hearts and live from there.  I call the method “The HI Method”.  Someone asked me, why do you call it “HI”.  I said, “Well we have been away from our hearts for so long, that when your away for a long time, the proper response is “HI”.”  In this case the “HI” means “heart Inspiration”.  Our spiritual expression, or spirit light resides in one place, the heart.  The heart is enlivened by stillness. The stillness feeds the Spirit heart. The Spirit heart is the feminine, she is SHIVA. KALI is the masculine, their marriage is found in God (Love). That is why in almost all religions, the marriage is under God. Now we are realizing that marriage must happen inside the individual and then the individual will find a mate. But both parties work better when both parties are whole as they are and God is the center.

So first we must acknowledge that we have been away for a long time from our Spirit heart.  We must go through forgiveness and take 100% responsibility for being away for so long, also the 100% responsibility is for our part in all relationships.  We must acknowledge that we had a part to play. We are also acknowledging that our attention was placed in the wrong place, the mind (EGO), not the Spirit heart. There is nothing wrong with the body, mind, or heart. In fact when we take responsibility for our Spirit heart, it takes the leadership role and we move from mind-body which excludes the heart, and we move to heart, mind-body. When this happens, the mind and body will freak out for a couple of days, but then they will align with the Spirit hearts lead. I use the term Spirit heart so you can see the importance of the heart and how important it is for you to own that space. Humanity is rising together in our hearts.

Now the question becomes how on earth do I get from my mind to my heart.  That is where the “HI method” comes into play. It brings you in, just like a plane landing on a run way. And it keeps you there. We live in a society where people are searching for their purpose, looking for happiness, and denying their Spirit heart.

Are you ready? Are you ready to jump in?

   “David Matthew Brown is like a metaphysical surgeon with the “HI Method”, it transformed my life so quick. I went from chaos to peace. I am thankful.”

David Matthew Brown can be emailed at heartspirational@mail.com

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