Got Stress? Got Worry? This Might Help

Got Stress? Got Worry? This Might Help January 25, 2014

Most of you know I am traveling and speaking a lot. My work is geared in helping people live in the heart, but as many of you know, some experiences we have, can be challenging. The challenge is how can I drop out of my mind and be present with this?  Through my own crisis, and turmoil, I developed a tool to help drop out of my mind and into my heart. I made a little 9 minute video to demonstrate the process. It is simple but powerful. So be gentle with yourself and if you have conditions to related to the heart, or medical issues please consult a professional on if this can be used.  Thank you and I hope this helps you as you move through the mind to the heart. This can develop into a 24/7 experience.  This is a heart practice, so take your time with it.




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