Darkness, The Great Mother Of Opportunity

Darkness, The Great Mother Of Opportunity April 23, 2014

The mind loves to run to pleasure and dislikes pain, which is how the majority of most people react to fear. I embrace darkness. I embrace fear. Both are great teachers, they invite us inward to a deeper knowing of who we are.  Jesus rose up in a dark cave, Buddha meditated in the caves India, and most people when you talk to them of their new found discoveries, their personnel journey, it all happened in the dark. The darkness brings with it many gifts, and many opportunities.

When I was a child, I remember getting scared by the nightmares I was having and I would call out to my mom and she would come into my room and hold me. The room would be dark, but she would reassure me that all was well, and that there is nothing to be scared of.  And sure enough, I would fall asleep.

The feminine is the moon, the moon comes out in the darkness, probably to reassure us that the light has not left.  When we walk in the dark night of the moon and look up, we discover the splendor of the stars, the darkness, and we experience and feel the deep peace of the planet, it is a time when most go to sleep.  The same can be held true for fear. When we actually sit with fear, with the feeling of it, the unknown of it, we discover that the fear is leading us on to something bigger.  The way it gets our attention, is through its loudness, but we all know when someone in our life is loud, they need our attention, like I needed attention as a child when I was scared of my nightmares, and my mom reassured me that I would be okay.

Mary is the deep feminine essence within our hearts, that reassures us that we can manage in the dark. We just need to stop, breath, and be with the fear (darkness) and ask, “What is the lesson you are teaching me now?” And then listen.  Fear is the aspect of the unknown, the unknown is an adventure, a opportunity, and a place to deepen.

   David Matthew Brown: travels the planet sharing stories, experiences, humor, and wisdom on living solely from the heart.  He has spoken in USA, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, and speaks on rotation at Unity Burbank and Antelope Valley Unity when called.  He is a single Dad and loves his daughter and supports her light on this planet.  He has appeared on radio, and TV as guest. His radio show Inside Out had over 400 guests including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Michael Beckwith, Don Miguel Ruiz, Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson. He works with teens and young adults on Heart breathing.


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