Unbelievable April 22, 2014

The word unbelievable simply means “difficult or impossible to believe”.  So essentially we need to set aside our beliefs in order to experience the miracle of love. Love is always unfolding and happening here.  When we acknowledge our oneness, we are simply acknowledging that we are one with all life, the flow of good.  This good has no opposite.  All life is good.  When we temper our selves and allow the flow to happen, we experience miracles.

This weekend there was a resurgence with a book I wrote, entitled, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening”. It blew the little me away, ha ha. This book is not huge, or wordy, big novel, but it is simple, profound, and filled with knowledge.  What has grabbed the attention of most people is the chapter on “innocence”.  It is a small book of the miracle we are here. Each of us. Just reading the book allows you to rest here and in your heart. It is a wonderful graduation present, summer read, or even something to use with your meditations.

The book is about the miracle of YOU now, to buy it for $9, THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING


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