Fear April 15, 2014

I was having coffee with an old friend today, and asked him, “What is fear?”, he brought up several suggestions, then I suggested, “It feels like you have this great unknown, which has never been explored, and so you are making up everything that can go wrong. Yet you are not comfortable with the unknown. That is why we make it up, because anything can happen, so we set our self up to fail, so if that happens it doesn’t really surprise us.  Get comfortable with it. Fear is a great teacher, it teaches us to get comfortable with not knowing and still keep walking forward, and yes to the spiritual seeker, it is all in you and you are everything, but we are given information and solutions when the space is right. So fear is teachings us to not hold on to yesterday, because love walks around with open palms. It holds on to nothing.”

Fear tends to grab everyone in different ways, it grabs most people with a story.  Who are you without the storyteller?  I write about this subject in my book, “The Book Of light: The Heart Opening”, but for now, feel how you feel without the story.  We have a strong narrative in this society.  The narrative is how your body SHOULD look, what type of job you SHOULD have, what religion you SHOULD go too, etc… but the narrative is followed by a SHOULD is fear in disguise.  There is no should in love.

The unknown is your friend, it is a wonderful adventure to live moment to moment. Jesus taught this when he introduced the OUR FATHER, Buddha taught this, most mystic’s talk about this, and teachers teach us this as well.  Everything is about living here.  Fear suggests that here is not enough, but fear is the veil.  Each of us must explore fear.

I remember standing behind the curtain on stage before a show. This big red curtain, I could hear the audience on the other side, but I was compelled to pull the curtain and see what was on the other side. So one night I pulled the curtain and saw over 1000 people about ready to see a play.  My question to you is, “Aren’t you compelled to see what is on the other side of fear?”


The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening

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