Heart, Mind, Body

Heart, Mind, Body April 12, 2014

For many years we have been told that we are mind-body beings.  As we evolve, we are discovering we are actually heart centered beings. The reign of command goes from heart to mind to body. It may be difficult in a society obsessed with the body and thinking, to believe that our hearts can lead, but it is true.  The heart magnifies 5000 times faster than your mind.  We might want to start a thinkers anonymous meeting. “Hello my name is Jack and I think to much.”

When the heart is the commander, the mind and body are used in the moment, they are not used as waste. I use the word waste, because when we think too much, our minds abuse the heart constantly, and the mind abuses others as well. That abuse manifests on this planet as war, judgments, beliefs, greed, lack, limitation, and power, both inside and out.  The mind was meant to be used with the heart and body, not used to go against anything.  Masters speak of going with the flow, but in order to go with the flow we have to practice observing the mind function. The mind function is all over the place, but it is never here. So our practice helps us back into our hearts.

In a court room, most people should plead, “Your honor I am trapped in my mind and can’t get out of it.”  So what is refusing to get out of the way of this life. It is that you believe you are your mind. A mind that when observed goes from past to future, from them out there, to you in here. So in our practice of observing, we realize that we are the observer, not the mind. Then as many of you know, we evolve from observer and observed as one. But lets stick to simple transformation.  The mind is very tricky when not observed.  It creates separation rather quickly, like, “I am a better person than so and so, or better employee, or parent, or partner.”  We heal the planet and others when we realize that we are not the mind, and so all we can do is be here, fully. That is enough. Like a rose, a rose heals by doing nothing. Brilliant.  Frankly the answer is love is all there is. If that is true, we need to discover it on our own. Love is not an advice column, it is wisdom.  I listen to lots of coaches give advice to people, but no wisdom. Wisdom is experience and lived, advice is read about and then spoken as though it was lived.

Greed is lack in disguise.  Greed shows itself when you have enough, you want more, or you think you don’t have enough, and you want more. It all stems from identifying with the mind. Love knows now is enough, the ego never thinks now is enough. Where do you dwell?

Discover for yourself that you are not your mind, or body, but these are one unit with the heart to help you play, laugh, and enjoy on this planet.

Stop being bullied by your own mind!

          David Matthew Brown: Dad, speaker, author, and blogger. his book, “THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING”  is available on AMAZON.  He travels the globe to speak about the heart and its power on this planet. He works with groups, individuals, companies, athletes, and creative beings in the entertainment industry.

email: semjase64@gmail.com

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