The Worthiness Of A Rose

The Worthiness Of A Rose April 11, 2014

So when we pass a rose, most people stop, and admire the rose. Especially now, as we move into Spring, the smell is incredible.  Lets look at the rose, the rose is growing in stillness, and it is perfect as it is.  Because when you look at the rose you are acknowledging the WHOLE rose. Yet, when we meet with people, we don’t meet their wholeness. We show up with projections, stories, judgments, and defensiveness.  Do we let this person in? Do we trust them? As we rest here, because lets face it, right here as it is, is really what you don’t trust. You don’t trust here. The mind is constantly telling you about your past hurts, the past, and if you are frank with yourself, you like the stories you tell in your mind about others, which may or may not be true.

But by having to make peace with yourself, peace with your past, it puts you more and more here. Present.  As you rest here, you can begin to see yourself as whole. The whole picture of you and you stop skewing you and others.  Can you see yourself as you see a rose? The WHOLE YOU. That is what is meant by the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but the truth.  Not your perceived truth, because that truth is based on judgments and beliefs.  Can you rest fully present without engaging your mind?

Many of you know that I moved through a divorce, but I don’t call her my “ex”, I call her my daughters mom.  There is no divorce or separation in God.  There is only love. In the gospel John, “God is love”. That is it, end of story, end of your story, rest here. RIP rest in peace, “Be still and know I am God.”  This weekend make peace within you. Forgive the past. Forgive your family, your kids, your partner, workers, and as you forgive them, you will notice you will become closer to here.  And a weight will be released.  We are called light because life is light not heavy. Judgment makes life heavy.

Make peace with yourself this weekend and see yourself as you would see a rose, from the WHOLE VANTAGE point, not the skewered one.


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