Heat April 26, 2014

I remember sitting after a hot yoga class on the bench outside of Modo yoga. There I was dripping with sweat, and feeling the cool the breeze brush up against my skin forming chills, I looked up and the sky was making it’s way from day to night as it was turning navy blue.  My bare feet rested on the somewhat warm pavement as the sweat dripped around them and on them.  I sat there, feeling refreshed from class, and feeling somewhat alone.  As I sat there, it occurred to me that the only thing that was really alone,  was the story in my head that I was alone.

I began to laugh out loud by this strange insight, laughing because we have no idea what is happening in our lives, absolutely none.  The storyteller in the head “thinks” it has an idea, so it creates a story from a small minded place that it has it figured out. Yet there is something bigger unfolding.

In hot yoga, life, work, etc… when I am fully present, fully concentrated here, there is no story, and change is life, life is love, and it is found here.  When I am not present, there is a story, the story is what “I” learned, what “I” went through, how amazing that “I” am, or worse, look how they run “their” lives, or they are not “spiritual” enough.  Yet in the presence as it is, it is quite ordinary with moments of extraordinary.Wake up to the ordinary.

Practice this, see today how many times you use, “I, you, and me” and now release them from your vocabulary. Awakening is about no separation.  When we release the words, “I,you, and me”, we end up with compassion and humility.  These are very strong qualities.


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