American Jesus Madness 2019 – 4 Horsemen Results

American Jesus Madness 2019 – 4 Horsemen Results March 27, 2019

I’m not sure what’s more awkward.

Shane Claiborne having to go up against Jesus himself or the fact that this is the first time Jesus has ever been in the championship match of a tournament that bears his name. But I guess that’s what makes this tournament American Jesus Madness?

Either way it should make for an interesting final matchup.

Check out the results below, then head back over here to start voting for the 2019 American Jesus Madness championship at 9AM CST!!


Jesus – 84%          Caring About Children In Cages – 16%

United Methodists – 16%           Shane Claiborne – 84%



1. Richard McNeeley – 136 points

2. Kara Govoni – 102 points

3. Mark Copley – 100 points

4. Kimbre Birdwell – 87 points

5. Phil George – 77 points



1. Brenda Patik – 50 points

2. Andrea Ragsdale – 20 points

3. Amilia James – 10 points

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