We return with Dr. Anderson to discuss whether spiritual manifestations are real, a product of emotion, or even hypocritical. We learn how the Lord is teaching the Saints line by line, as they encounter challenges and growing pains.

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  • 00:00  Welcome to Part II
  • 00:21 Background to Section 50: Spiritual Gift or Emotion?
  • 02:27 The Past is a Different Country
  • 05:01 President  Hinckley: Learn to Avoid Personal Recognition:
  • 08:41 The Delta Between Our Faith and Our Actions
  • 10:27 The Difference Between Hypocrisy and Real Repentance
  • 13:34 The Lord Allows the Wheat and the Tares to Grow Up Together
  • 15:46 The Lord Will Take Care of Hypocrites, Not Man
  • 18:02 The Lord Teaches With Reason and the Spirit
  • 19:58 The Twelve and Members Should Search Revelations Before Asking for Additional--Don’t Need to Be Commanded in Everything
  • 22:20 The Lord Doesn’t Want Us to Make Stupid Decisions but He Will Make Them Work for Our Benefit
  • 23:12 Dr. Anderson Shares Story About Young Woman and New Roommate Decision
  • 24:02 You Probably Aren’t the Exception
  • 26:00 Nephi as an Example of Using Reason and Obedience
  • 31:00 We have one Savior and It Isn’t Us
  • 33:05 The Best Teaching is From the Spirit
  • 34:02 The Early Saints Were Taught Discernment
  • 36:15 We Learn “Line by Line” and by the Spirit or We Lose It
  • 38:42 President Monson Missed His Dying Brother and Learns to Be Quick to Obey Promptings
  • 41:04 We Grow in Intelligence and Ability with the Spirit (President Hinckley Examples)
  • 43:15 Elder Hales Story About Peddling His Bike and Joseph Smith Was a Genius Due to the Spirit Enlarging Him
  • 45:16 The Spirit is Like a Wedding Reception
  • 49:00 Comparison of Section 50 to Moses 1
  • 51:18 The False Doctrine of Judging
  • 54:27 The Gospel Makes Us Better in Every Way
  • 56:07 The Restoration Brings Light to the Entire Earth
  • 59:00 The Lord is With Us as We Grow
  • 1:01:24 The Spirit Will Tell Us All the Things That We Should Do
  • 1:05:36 John Urges Us To Remember Three Words: Continue in God
  • 1:06:45 Dr. Anderson’s Testimony
  • 1:21:07 End of Part II