Seven-minute clip of Hank and John's favorite part of this week's Come, Follow Me Study.

John shares Doctrine & Covenants 82:5 "Therefore, what I say unto one I say unto all: Watch, for the adversary spreadeth his dominions, and darkness reigneth;" We can discern truth from error through the Holy Ghost. It's so important to know who our real friends are.

Hank shares Doctrine & Covenants 82:7 "And now, verily I say unto you, I, the Lord, will not lay any sin to your charge; go your ways and sin no more; but unto that soul who sinneth shall the former sins return, saith the Lord your God."  It's important to not misinterpret this scripture that appears to say if you make a mistake after repenting, your previous repentance doesn't matter. Every time we repent God forgives. We keep going because the Lord has a forgiving, loving nature. 

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