2014 Religious Trends

News about religion and spirituality pervades the headlines, both nationally and internationally, yet media accounts often fail to capture the diversity of viewpoints that exists in regard to almost any belief or practice. Nuances and depth are easily overlooked by those unfamiliar with the fuller conversation taking place within the community.

In order to better understand the issues that major faith groups are currently wrestling with, the Patheos Public Square presents the 2014 Summer Series: Conversations on Religious Trends. Each week, we will highlight a topic or question of particular relevance to one faith community. Patheos writers and guest contributors will address various angles and concerns that the issue raises. How have American Evangelicals responded to the global AIDS crisis? How are Progressive Christians reconfiguring their understanding of the role of scripture? Why are many American Muslims practicing their faith outside the mosque? Have Pagans given up on environmental causes? What political barriers do Atheists face and why?

These are just some of the questions you will encounter this summer. The series will conclude with a final week on general religious trends that cut across community boundaries. Join us each week for a new topic and the chance to participate in the conversation.

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