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Why use Patheos in the Classroom?

User-friendly. Objective. Interactive. Unmatched in terms of depth, breadth, and expertise.

What is Patheos?

Founded in 2008, is the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore and experience the world's beliefs.

How to use Patheos in the Classroom

A comprehensive guide to using Patheos in your classroom.

World Religions

Introduce your students to basic information about the world’s largest religions—their origins, history, beliefs, and practices. Use this guide to Patheos’ resources as you plan a learning unit around world religions.


"Patheos' library is an invaluable resource for teaching students about world religions. The library offers smart and accessible summaries of history, beliefs and practices for 100 religions. Students can easily compare and contrast faith groups as well as find additional information on Patheos' other features -- including the public square, which offers contemporary religious perspectives on current events."

Diane Winston, Knight Chair in Media and Religion, University of Southern California

"In an age when students doing research are more likely to use Google than the campus library, Patheos has emerged as a sound resource for materials about the world's religious traditions that are both substantive and accessible.Students in the globalized world need religious literacy, and Patheos provides a portal to understanding many traditions they might not have fully understood in the past."

Tim Muldoon, Assistant to the Vice President for University Mission and Ministry, and Adjunct Associate Professor, Boston College

"Patheos allows my students to get an in-depth, objective understanding of a wide range of religious traditions, and offers several innovative ways for students to compare these traditions.It's a great replacement for the standard textbook."

Jacob Kinnard, Associate Professor of Comparative Religious Thought, Iliff School of Theology

"The Patheos Library is singularly comprehensive, while remaining easily accessible and convenient.It is a valuable resource for students and instructors, for research and teaching alike."

Jonathan A. C. Brown, Georgetown University

"The side-by-side lens gives my students a handle on the similarities and differences between widely divergent religious traditions. It has really opened their eyes to amazing connections."

Anthea Butler, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania

"I was struck from the first by Patheos' phenomenal range, depth, accessibility, and balanced presentation. The interactive tool for comparing religions is fascinating and well-designed. The articles written by scholars of different faiths are inspiring and, while they do illustrate some specific differences between faiths, mainly they demonstrate a commonality that is vital to cross-communication and understanding. It is an invaluable resource for sorting fact from fiction, as well as for spiritual exploration. Kudos to Patheos!"

Jennifer Carnevale, The Masters School

"Patheos is an extremely interactive site with impressive religious content. Think of it as somewhere between Beliefnet and Religion Dispatches. Both the library paths and the Public Square are much needed features to better focus the very disjointed discussion of religion online."

Nabil Echchaibi, Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Colorado at Boulder