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Big Eden (Bezucha, 2000)

big eden 3

Maybe our neighbors are more like us than we know. [Read more...]

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (Raim, 2015)

Harold and Lillian 1

One of the truly educational things about Raim’s films is that they help document how movies actually get made; they help those of us who watch films appreciate them more by understanding how they are (or were, or are sometimes) assembled. [Read more...]

Feel “Better” Movies — What to Watch When the News is Bleak

Feel Better Films

Here are five films that make me feel better when I’m feeling bad about…everything else. [Read more...]

My All American (Pizzo, 2015)

My All American 13

I’m not giving Freddie Steinmark a “C.” I’m giving the movie about his life and death a “C.” [Read more...]

2015 Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury


Through November and December, you may see some reviews marked as “Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury” Nominees. [Read more...]

Interview: Patricia Riggen on The 33 and the Challenges of Being a Female Director

Patricia Riggen 1

“I’ve been very lucky,” Patricia Riggen says when discussing her career as a female director, a profession historically dominated by men. [Read more...]