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1More Film Blog is Moving!

Beginning later this week, I will be moving 1More Film Blog back to stand alone hosting. [Read more…]

An Inconvenient Truth (Guggenheim, 2006) — 10 Years Later

A decade after the world’s most famous documentary sent us running for the hills, Greenland hasn’t broken in half, the World Trade Center Memorial site isn’t underwater, and global warming hasn’t killed us all. [Read more…]

Is Snow White Still Essential?

When was the last time you actually watched Snow White? [Read more…]

My Best Picture Choice: Spotlight

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its nominees for the Oscars this week. With the exception of the omission of Todd Haynes’s Carol (a film I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about), there were no big surprises in the Best Picture category. Before the ceremony to announce the winners on February 28th, I’ll [Read More…]

The Looking Glass (Hancock, 2015)

I hate to use the word “sweet” when describing a film. There’s no way to make it not sound like a backhanded compliment. [Read more…]

The Prestige (Nolan, 2006) — 10 Years Later

A lot of movies show people trapped in hell; this one shows them constructing it. [Read more…]