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“It Was a Christian Movement” — Wendell Pierce on Selma


I think that was the combination of the two: the political strategy of understanding what advocacy could do, understanding what God could do in non-violence, but [also] understanding that they were men and women of faith trying to appeal to the hearts of other men and women of faith. [Read more...]

Last Temptation Turns Twenty-Five


Whatever Scorsese’s expectations during filming—it’s worth remembering that at least one studio backed away from even making the film—he reportedly did not attend its premiere. That event, replete with security concerns so new and alien at the time but so depressingly normal today, is another reminder of the ways America has changed in the last quarter century. [Read more...]

“What Do I Pay Attention to in My Life?”–Blake Robbins talks about The Sublime and Beautiful


Robbins says he wanted the film to cause people to ask, “What do I pay attention to in my life?” Western, middle-aged men often become “comfortably numb” and David is no exception. “He’s starting to wonder if he’s in decline [...], and he’s starting to wonder if this is all there is.” [Read more...]

Welcoming Andrew Spitznas to 1More Film Blog

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Andrew Spitznas to the roster of 1More Film Blog contributors. I have known Andrew for several years, mostly through the Arts & Faith forum. We shared hotel space at the Toronto International Film Festival several years ago. I was immensely gratified when he agreed to contributed an essay [Read More...]

Free the Nipple (Esco, 2014)


The film almost convinced me, but then it started. [Read more...]

OFCS Nominees for 2014–Winners Announced


I have voting privileges for four groups this year. First up: the Online Film Critics Society. [Read more...]