Regarding My Wife and Peyton Manning

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 Pause. There was a pause. My wife may deny it, but it was there. Oh, it was there. Our six year-old daughter had just asked my wife a very important question. To provide a little background, my daughter is a fledgling football fan. Mind you, she is also a baseball fan, tennis fan, golf fan, soccer fan, NCAA basketball fan, and Olympic sports fan. She has even begun to get that rabid inquisitiveness and that nervous pace when one of these competitions is on TV. Where did she learn it … [Read more...]

Something Extraordinary in His Presence

Caravaggio - The Calling of St. Matthew

 There must have been something extraordinary in His Presence. This is the thought I return to again and again when I consider Jesus Christ. And it is both a haunting and thrilling reflection. When I consider the life of Christ, it is impossible for me to stay within the limits of what the Gospels tell us. We are, after all, talking about a limitless God walking the earth. So what was it like to be in the Presence of God while He ate, slept, worked and taught for thirty-three years? … [Read more...]

The Difficulty & Simplicity of Being A Wise Man


It is the most simple yet the most complex event in history. It started when God created man. God loved (and loves) man infinitely and imbued him with ineradicable dignity. Standards would be set and laws made that would structure and serve to guarantee the integrity of God's most extraordinary creation. But, alas, man sinned and soiled his relationship with God and would never be able to achieve reconciliation with his Creator through his own means. As such, God would do the unthinkable. Rather … [Read more...]

A Season of Joy, A Season of Suffering


 Joy. We are about to enter a Season of Joy known as Christmastide. Advent has warmed our hearts with eager anticipation. Now, the birth of Emmanuel, "God With Us", is nigh. The insatiable hunger of generations of prophets and peoples is about to be fulfilled in the form of a precious and trembling baby boy resting in a feed trough. It is an entry into History with such a poignancy that it irrefutably proves that our God is a poet. A sweet, sweet Poet. And yet, something is not quite … [Read more...]

The Indispensability of Fairy Tales

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And so she fell asleep...and had dreams. Wonderful dreams. Clara had spent a magical Christmas Eve with family and friends. But perhaps most marvelous were the games played and stories woven by her godfather Drosselmeyer. His games delighted Clara, but  his tale of the toy, oh the toy - the gallant Nutcracker. The tale insinuated itself into young Clara's mind so as to bring her sweet dreams to life: a toy-become-man, a dazzling sugar-plum fairy, a land of sweets, a nefarious Mouse King with his … [Read more...]

The Most Beautiful Thing I Saw at the Nutcracker


"Which do you like, Dad, the boots or the shoes?" My six year-old posed a fashion query to me. A cute black dress with leggings and a purple cardigan sweater begged for the right footwear. I was the closest (in distance) authority on the issue. I looked at my scuffed slip-on dress shoes, thought strategically and asked, "Which do you like? They're both beautiful." Kindly, and with a wearying indulgence, she asked me again as it made "no difference" to her. I gambled on shoes. She wore the … [Read more...]