Children unsafe in cars

What do you do when you see Kids not strapped into their car seats in someone elses car? Reuters Health Information report today

In an observational study of drivers and their child passengers, they found that fewer than one in five children who were too big for child safety seats and too small for adult seatbelts were correctly seated in booster seats, using a lap and shoulder belt……….Motor-vehicle crashes are currently the leading cause of death among 4- to 8-year-old children in the U.S.

The situation in the UK is probably worse. I have frequently seen children riding without any seat belts and even with their heads sticking out of the window. In this situation at anything more than about 25MPH an accident then will almost certainly see little Johnny being decapitated. If the child is at least inside the car, barring an angel induced miracle, the child will go through the windscreen and possibly kill his parent as a missile on route.

I can never understand why people in many other countries don’t wear seatbelts in the front of their cars. I have once been involved in an operation on someone who split their diaphragm putting their bowels into their chest cavity. I had my hand resting on his heart to allow them to begin stitching him up again. Most people now know they must strap up themselves but seem oblivious to the risks they are putting their children to. Our attitude to risk never ceases to amaze me.

Although its probably unsafe to try and chase after an irresponsible parent and give them a piece of your mind (yes I have been tempted!) its vital that people read articles like this. Do please pass this on to every parent you know and urge them to strap their child up, and link to this blog at its permanent home.

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