Keeping up to date

Of course these days there is so much information out there it is hard to process it all and know what you really want to read. I think that Bloglet and RSS feeds may prove useful in driving relevant content into your inbox. It still all sounds a bit complicated to me, but if you want to drive my possibly irrelevant content into your inbox then hopefully the above form should work (which is more than the yahoogroups one does at the moment as far as I can tell!)

This is all very exciting and makes me feel like I did when I first discovered the internet. I hope that blogs will become (as for those of us who have missed out they already seem to be for many!) a way for the internet to bring people together. After all thats what communication is all about, now I need not feel alone no matter where in the world I am- there should always be someone on line willing to communicate with me. Hey maybe psychiatrists like me will be out of a job!

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