perfection our goal…..

I hope you strive for perfection and continual improvement. I hope you are not a settler who has decided you have arrived. I hope that you have serious committment to high standards of personal development ethically and in every way. I hope that you are seeing evidence continually that you are developing new skills about becoming a better person.

I hope though that you don’t get too frustrated when you feel that you are missing the mark and therefore give up!

The other day my daughter was getting so frustrated it was clear that something was ammiss. Since she was drawing- normally her favorite activity it was clear that there was a significant problem occurring. Whats wrong I asked?

‘I’m trying to draw a perfect fairy and I cant do it!!!!’ was the reply.

The life of a child is so attractive sometimes with its concerns only about such things, but I couldn’t help but smile as I gently explained to her that what she was trying to do was impossible.

How do we make sure that we are disatisfied enough to drive us forward but not so much as to frustrate us at the failings we see around and within us.

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