Bacon mistaken for human head

Imagine your surprise when as an innocent man your door is kicked in by pollice looking for a human head they believe you have there. Imagine if they then told you that they had been tipped off by a criminal who had seen this item in your house whilst robbing it.

Imagine the shock and fear of the robber, and his tortured conscience having no doubt ran out of the house. Appraently the man confessed his crime to his mother and told police who quite rightly lept into action.

Its enough to make you check the date- no today isn’t April Fools day. Our inocent householder had a ‘piece of art’ which was bacon in formaldehyde shaped to look like a mask! This gives rise to the unforgetable headline on the BBC website Bacon mistaken for human head!

I don’t suppose that there will be too many buyers for the latest in home security theft protection equipment!

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